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These birds aren't angry, they're just sleepy...

An original maze game that combines the best elements of both 'Pac-Man' and 'Snake', 'Snoozles' puts the player in charge of a woodland bunny whose task is to guide some very lazy birds safely home.

A variety of enemies and special items enable action, strategy and puzzle-solving elements to be seamlessly combined over the game's 75 levels, and there's two different layers to the gameplay. Players can either try to unlock the game's levels as quickly as possible or get a perfect score on each level by delivering the birds to their matching birdhouses in colour order.

Add to this a banging bluegrass soundtrack, level graphics that change with the seasons, super-cute pixel art, and an intuitive and innovative control system that makes it really easy to guide your bunny around the maze and it's no wonder that 'Snoozles' is one of our most positively reviewed titles by users.

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