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3-in-1 Bubble Games
We were the first developer to start producing '3-in-1' titles for mobile, and this one is probably our favourite.

'3-in-1 Bubble Games' is an arcade puzzler that takes elements of well-known favourites and expands upon them to give a gaming experience that is both familiar and wholly original.

Aim carefully to line up the matching bubbles in 'Bubble Blast'. Use quick reactions to keep your balls in the air and pop the floating bubbles in 'Bubble Bounce'. Think quick to sort the falling bubbles into groups of three in 'Bubble Drop'.

Hosted by two cute aliens and taking place in various colourful outer-space settings, '3-in-1 Bubble Games' has been placed in the top 10 on a number of operator decks and looks set to becoming one of our best-sellers!

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