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Puzzled Zombies
Winner of a Pocket-Gamer silver award and nominated for their 2013 Mobile Game Of The Year, 'Puzzled Zombies' is a hilarious brain-teaser in which one must guide the stupid zombies to their doom whilst keeping the (equally stupid) humans safe.

Like all great puzzlers, 'Puzzled Zombies' is based on a simple premise - zombies and humans will keep walking in a straight line until they hit an obstacle, at which point they will always turn clockwise. Players must tip the balance in favour of the humans by placing a limited number of arrows on the playfield which both humans and zombies will follow.

There's a number of satisfying ways to take out the zombies including chainsaws, trapdoors, electric generators, fire and TNT. Many of these items interact - try getting two zombies to pick up chainsaws and finish each other off!

Pocket-Gamer said.. 'No matter how many times you fail a particular level you're spurred on by the feeling that the solution is only just out of your reach - a testament to the game's compulsive design.'

Far be it from us to disagree - and a nice summing up of why this is one of the games we're most proud of.


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