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Floppy Frog - Don't Flap, Hop!
Our first game for built from the ground up for smartphones, 'Floppy Frog - Don't Flap, Hop' is a completely original (and extremely tough) hoppy, jumpy endless platform game that takes inspiration from the likes of 'Flappy Bird', 'Doodle Jump', 'Paper Toss' and 'Frogger'.

The premise is simple - make Floppy Frog jump as high as he can without falling off the bottom of the screen. Controls are simple too - a single swipe determines the height and angle of each jump. It's not as easy as it sounds though, in fact it could be one of the hardest games ever! Possibly. We've already had to build a custom 'easy' version especially for Orange France!

A lot of time was spent on the main character and backgrounds, so even though gameplay is deliberately straightforward the app provides a rich, entertaining, cartoon-like experience. Watch the way Floppy Frog's eyes follow the next platform he has to reach for example. You won't know whether to laugh or cry as this stupid froggy bounces to his death time and time and time again!

Check out the video below for an example of Floppy Frog gameplay, or read the full App Store title and description in all its keyword-baiting glory (particularly if you're the Google Search Spider)...

Floppy Frog - Don't Flap, Hop - All The Rage Since Flappy Flipped The Bird - This Dizzy, Jumpy, Hoppy, Turbo Charged Froggy Will Brave The Birds & Weather, Jump Onto Platforms And Race Into Space In The Hardest Frogger Game Ever! Bet You Can't Score Ten!

Bound to get you angry, Floppy Frog is the FREE, simple, cute, hilarious, and frustratingly addictive platform game without an ending. Can you score 1000 points? More like can you score 6! I think the world record is like, 14 or something. You won't be kissing this stupid frog, you'll be cursing him!

Simply swipe the touchscreen to make Floppy Frog jump from platform to platform. The length and direction of your swipe determines where <Floppy Frog hops. Climb as high as you can without falling off the bottom of the screen. Sound easy? It's not! You'll be in a rage. You be crying 'it ruined my life!'. You'll never beat it! We reckon it's one of the hardest games around.

Stunning backgrounds take you from ground level right into outer space, but only if you're hard enough! Watch out for flapping birds, jumbo jets, stupid aliens and a host of other cute characters. Totally suitable for kids - good family fun!

Yes, we took inspiration from the infamous 'Flappy Bird' - but only as far as the ridiculous level of difficulty goes. This is *not* another Flappy clone like 'Flipping Fish', 'Flippy Bird', 'Flapping Bird' or whatever. And it's not a prank - the gameplay really is pretty hard!

TIP - hop off one side of the screen and you'll appear on the other! Doh!

Good luck!

floppy frog, it's the new flappy bird floppy frog, it's the new flappy bird
floppy frog, it's the new flappy bird floppy frog, it's the new flappy bird
floppy frog, it's the new flappy bird floppy frog, it's the new flappy bird