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BitBull launched the 'social dating' site way back in early 2000. Designed to take the stigma out of online dating, wild5 was aimed as much at users just wanting to flirt and have a laugh at those looking for a 'serious' relationship.

The site featured a sophisticated matching algorithm paired with pre-Facebook style social networking features such as public and private messaging, people search and friend lists.

Central to the experience was a graphically rich online chat application that allowed users to design their own avatars, play games such as 'spin the bottle' and 'truth or dare', and either chat as a group or set up a date to pair off in a private room.

Very well received at the time, wild5 attracted several thousand users during a few weeks of launch though simple word of mouth marketing and generated significant interest from major ISPs, publishers and broadcasters (including, EMAP and Channel 4).

Unfortunately this was a bad time to launch a social network and the dotcom crash and general market conditions meant we couldn't raise the investment necessary to continue with our plans for the product. A few years later maybe...

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