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Flappy Bird Videos
We've found a great site with load of Flappy Bird Videos! They have links to the best, top 5, top 10 games like flappy bird and funny flappy bird videos. They also have flappy bird tips, tricks and cheats as well as flappy bird highscores and flappy bird rage videos. Check it out!!

OK, so if you're not a search engine and you landed here then this is some kind of weird marketing experiment which is why this page looks a bit crappy. We're not actually this retarded. Please ignore. Maybe go play Floppy Frog.

How did you get here anyway? You must have found the secret portal at the end of time, just left of the exit that leads to the seventh plain of hell. Good job you didn't take that one by mistake eh? Mind you, playing Flappy Bird is a bit like entering the seventh plain of hell I guess!

See ya...

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